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Ahoi guys and welcome! I'm Vincent and this little blog should become my and hopefully also your potpourri of the cool, exciting, interesting stuff on the internet and elsewhere related to action sports, lifestyle topics and the different kind of heroes. I skate, I travel, I take pictures and I'm in love with beautiful and inspiring things you will read about here. Pretty much ever since I can remember, I've been fascinated by cool and inspiring athletes, by creative marketing campaigns and ideas, by amazing content on YouTube, Instagram or elsewhere. I shared it on social networks, I talked about it with friends and I watched it over and over again, but doing a blog about especially those things was always on my mind. With Sidestreet Hero I can finally check "starting a blog" of my to-do list.

I was born and raised in Germany. However, Germany is not what I call home. During the years I lost my heart to several places and people all over the world. So being open and free minded will definitely reflect my view on the topics I'm writing about.

About Sidestreet-Hero.com

What is Sidestreet Hero

With Sidestreet Hero I want to create a blog that shows the cool things related to action sports, athletes or the digital world. Sidestreet Hero should not only be about lifestyle and digital topics but also about the people behind these stories. About the guy on the skateboard who is doing amazing videos on YouTube. About online phenomens that create beautiful content and gain an unbelievable amount of followers. About heroes we admire in certain ways but who are not in the mainstream media everyday. In the digital world we live in, those Sidestreet Heroes really bring us to dream, they inspire in different kind of ways or they just raise questions.I hope I can give you background information about these heroes with my blog and entertain you with exciting and fun content. When you enjoy reading about action sports and athletes, about digital stories, marketing campaigns and social media phenomens you hopefully feel right at home here.

I hope you've enjoyed learning a little bit about me and the story behind Sidestreet-Hero.com

I would be stoked to see you here from time to time. If you like, leave a comment or just follow me on Instagram and say hello. Thanks and stay tuned!