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About Skateboarding…

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30. May 2017

About skateboarding...

Since Sidestreet Hero should be mostly about lifestyle topics and action sports, i guess it would only make sense to start the blog and the whole project with a post about one of my first loves... skateboarding.

But there is also more behind that post, than just my personal connection to skateboarding. The more i started working on the blog i kinda got in touch with skateboarding again and i recently discovered another beautiful video about skateboarding and about the feeling of being on a board. It is from a skate shop from Utah, USA. The shop is called Goldcoast Skateboards and the name of the video is "Skateboarding. Sounds like fun". Even though the video has only a small number of views on YouTube and it is from November last year it is way to good to not be shared on here. Take a look and enjoy!


... about being on a board

For me, the video is exactly what skateboarding should be about. It does not really matter who does the hardest tricks, who is the fastest on a longboard or what kind of board you ride. It is that special kind of feeling that brought us on the board in the first place and that will probably keep us on the board forever. The feeling of being a part of a fucking great community, the feeling you experience when you first ollied up a curb or the feeling of having a fucking epic time with your friends and feeling totally free and timeless. That's Skateboarding. I am pretty sure every skateboarder knows exactly what I am talking about right now.

When i first saw the video it totally reminded me of an older documentary i watched like three or four years ago on youtube. The video is also about skateboarding and the feeling behind it. It is called "Freeling" and it describes kinda perfectly the feeling that skateboarding is able to create. It was created by Andrew Lovgren and friends. For those of you who have never watched it before, you should definitely take a look.


Go Shredding!

Since pictures (or videos) say more than words, i guess i can just leave it that way. Content like this always makes me just wanna go outside, grab some friends, shred and have a good time. Cause that's what really matters. So no matter if you are sponsored or not, if you can jump a ten stair or just learned to ollie.. go out and shred! For the future, I am definitely planning on also creating video content like this. Feel free to leave a comment if you feel the same way about skating or if you have any other cool content that is worth sharing.

I hope you liked my first post and the content i shared with you. I will from now on try to publish a new post at least once a week. So stay tuned! Cheers and keep on skating...

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