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Barbara Luciana – Life on Skates

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Barbara Luciana - Definition of Style

When you visit the skate parks around the world you most likely see skateboarders, BMX'ers or scooter riders. What you barely see are roller skaters like Barbara Luciana. Barbara (24) is from Argentina and currently killing the European skate parks with style for days. If you wanna find out more about Barbara and her way into roller skating read the full story below.


Hey Barbara, thanks so much for taking your time for the interview. When did you start skating?

Yeah, you are welcome. I started skating when I was 5 years old. I was a figure skater back in the days. Round about two years ago I got in contact with the aggressive roller skating on ramps and on the streets. I fell in love with it and been ever since.


Do you do it professionally as a full time job and if so, how did this happen?

Yes, I'm a professional skater. Two years ago I traveled to Barcelona for filming some tricks for my first skate video. After a while some brands started sending me messages via the social networks (Instagram/Facebook), saying that they want to support me. At first, I couldn't really believe this but I was very happy. One of the brands was "CHAYA" by Powerslide from Germany. I became part of their team and at first, they just send me some products but after a while, I needed help with traveling for skating and so they decided to pay a regular paycheck.


You are from Argentina, how is the roller skating scene there or how do you generally see the development of the roller skating scene?

In Argentina, there are many girls skating on ramps and on the streets. It's getting more and more popular. I see more and more girls practicing this sport and it's so beautiful, because this sport is growing very fast. I also know some girls from Germany who roller skate. This month, they created the first magazine of roller skating in Europe, which is called "DOGDAYS".


Have you ever felt like you were doing something different because you are doing roller skating instead of skateboarding or BMX, which is way more mainstream?

I always feel that roller skating is different and that I'm doing something different, but that is the magic of the sport. I think roller skating is really unique because the essence of the roller skates, the wheels, the quads never changed. It is still the same like in the 60's, which is pretty cool.


I saw your new video from Barcelona. How often do you go there or how often do you generally travel just for skating purposes?

I travel to Barcelona every summer for two years now. I mostly travel for skating, to get to competitions and to meet people from around the world who are also passionate about this sport.


What are your plans for this year? Are you already working on some new projects?

My project for this year is to continue traveling and doing what I love, to continue improving as a skater. I'm sure if I keep doing this, more good things will come up in the future.


If you guys want to find out more about Barbara check out her social profile on Instagram and sponsors

Pic by Chaya

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