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Be The First – February

Omo Valley Tribe member in front of river
About Alberto del Hoyo Mora and Pics 4 Pills – Interview
22. February 2018
New York City
A College Dropout Story – Chasing Your Dreams
19. April 2018

Be The First

"Be The First" is about content worth sharing. When you are browsing through Instagram, YouTube or whatever you will most likely find a ton of shit content but also many cool accounts. From models over travel bloggers to video- and photographers. Social media is full of stunning content with only little or just not enough recognition. With this section I am trying to give them a supportive platform. They are sharing their lives, their stories, their skills and I would like to spread their passion.

Here are the new five. Check them out and be the first!


Artist - Andrew

Just a Guy who likes to make fucking cool stuff


Traveller - Martine

Please keep spamming your pics


Model - Jonna

Nordic beauty


Architect & Visual Storyteller - Laura

Laura V, Architect and biking potato


Photographer - Oliver

Keep collecting these stories

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