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Be the First – October

Two People and a Bus
Young & Reckless – The SpruceGooseBus Interview
22. October 2017
Kids playing in the streets
In The Mind Of – Aleem Bukhari
10. November 2017

Be The First

"Be The First" is about content worth sharing. When you are browsing through Instagram, YouTube or whatever you will most likely find a ton of shit content but also many cool accounts. From models over travel bloggers to video- and photographers. Social media is full of stunning content with only little or just not enough recognition. With this section I am trying to give them a supportive platform. They are sharing their lives, their stories, their skills and I would like to spread their passion.

Here are the new five. Check them out and be the first!


Photographer - Morgan

Behind blue eyes and surf boards


Model - Nat

Just casual sidewalk chilling


Photographer - Yago

Long exposure at it's finest!


Model - Tabatha

Tabatha & Jim The Poser #modelduo


Photographer - Tito

Seeing the world through a thousand faces


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