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About the BMX Scene in Lagos – Interview

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Matthew Solomon about the BMX scene in Nigeria

Action sport is on the rising. Skateboarding, Blading and BMX are conquering the world. I already talked to a lot of people from different parts of the world about their passion. Today, I sat down with Matthew Solomon from Lagos, Nigeria and talked with him about the BMX scene in Lagos. What kind of problems they are facing and about the big issue of not having a skate park.

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Hey Matthew, thanks so much for your time. Let's talk a little bit about yourself. Who are you and how did you come in contact with BMX in the first place?

My name is Matthew Temitope Solomon. I'm 25 years old and from Lagos, Nigeria. I actually got influenced by my friends. I saw them riding their surfing bikes and kinda got hooked. This was around 5 years ago. Besides that I also watched a lot of BMX videos online and this is how I really got into BMX.


How is the BMX scene in Lagos?

The BMX scene here is really striving hard to get recognized. We have over 30 BMX riders here in Lagos but nevertheless, most people never really believed or even know that BMX exists here in Nigeria. BMX still needs to be recognized by the Sport Federation. It is still developing.


So, is that the next step to get BMX recognized or accepted by the government?

Yes, that would actually be really important. I or we are working on that, but it is not easy. I don't really have the time to do all the talking with the government so I think it's gonna take a while. I know with time everything is gonna be okay with BMX in Lagos.


Is it easy to find good spots in Lagos?

Well, spots here are really good, but sometimes securities and thugs (area boys) do deny us access to ride some of the good spots. They than demand money just to ride a certain spot. What we don't have is a BMX- or Skate park. So unfortunately we can't enjoy riding that.


Yeah, I've heard about the issue with the skate park. What do you think you guys need to do to get one?

Well, like I said I think the best way or the easiest way to get a skate park is to get BMX or action sports recognized by the government. So, that's what I'm pushing at the moment.


Alright, one last question. What do you like most when being on your BMX?

The biggest inspiration or the reason why I love BMX has always been the happiness I feel whenever I'm shredding the Streets with my bike. Besides that I really appreciate the kind comments and love people show me when they see my posts online on social media.


For more information about Matthew check out his Instagram!

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    1. Daniel Ogbogu says:

      Our Government has a lack of maintenance culture, if someday they eventually build a skatepark, it’s not going to be maintained, I think we need an NGO to fund that project.

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