Action Sports

29. September 2018
BMX Lagos

About the BMX Scene in Lagos – Interview

Action sport is on the rising. Skateboarding, Blading and BMX are conquering the world. Today, I sat down with Matthew Solomon from Lagos, Nigeria and talked with him about the BMX scene in Lagos.
3. August 2018
DogDays Magazine

DogDays Magazine – Pushing Aggressive Rollerskating

The DogDays Magazine is Europes first magazine about aggressive rollerskating. I talked to Marta, the publisher of the magazine about the struggles of creating a print magazine and how aggressive rollerskating is developing.
15. July 2018

Passion is Everywhere – Daniel Ogbogu on Skates, – Interview

Passion is everywhere. Daniel Ogbogu is on of only a few street skaters from Nigeria. I talked with him about his way into the skate scene and the struggles he has to face daily.
19. June 2018
CR3AM PRIME Skate Tour

Social Skateboarding with CreamPrime – Interview

Skateboarders all around the world know this feeling. New board, new shoes and like a few hours and tricks later the shoes are already pretty much destroyed. If you are looking for a solution, read the full story below.
22. May 2018

Barbara Luciana – Life on Skates

When you visit the skate parks around the world you most likely see skateboarders, BMX'er or scooter rider. What you barely see are roller skater like Barbara Luciana. Barbara (24) is from Argentina and currently killing the European skate parks with style for days.