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German Comic Con 2018 in Berlin

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Comic Con comes to Berlin, Germany for the third time

From the 20th to the 21st of October 2018 the doors are open again. The Comic Con will be held for the third time in Berlin, Germany. This time the event takes place at the "Station Berlin". For a quick sneak peak about what to expect check out the video and article below.


Meet your hero in person

As usual, German Comic Con means "Hollywood meets Berlin". So like every year you have the chance to meet your hero in person. Besides meeting actors like Michael Rooker, Billy Boyd and many more you also have the chance to have a quick chat with artists and special guests.


Cosplay contest

A Comic Con without cosplay? Not possible! For all the people who like to change their identity, this years Comic Con offers a cosplay contest again.Be creative and be your own hero, at least for one day. In order to play by the rules please check the guidelines in advance. Click here


The program

Besides all the artists, actors and the cosplay contest you will also find a lot of entertainment at the German Comic Con Berlin. You can take pictures on famous movie sets, with famous movie cars and you can attend workshops and lectures. There is pretty much something for everybody. For more information check out the official German Comic Con website. Hope to see you there fellas!

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