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Generation Influencer: Ain’t Life Perfect?

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What a perfect life!

I guess this pretty much sums it up when you look into most of the so called influencers profiles. No matter if it is on Instagram, YouTube or Snapchat. Their life seems to be just perfect. But is it really? Do they have a better life than "normal" people? Is their life just about having fun, traveling and going on adventures? A lot of people and especially kids on Insta, YouTube and co. keep on asking these questions and it seems like the dream jobs of the future generation aren't fireman or police officer anymore. It's gonna be Instagrammer, YouTuber or Twitch streamer and i can totally understand that. When you just look at the content social media heros put out, their life sometimes seems unreal, but it is not. It is also a lot of hard work, dedication, taking risk, being away from family and friends for several months a year. It is not all what it seems, especially on the internet. So let's dive into the social media hero world a bit deeper.


The usual suspects

When i am talking about influencers here, i mean the usual suspects. The explorers and adventure seekers like Jay Alvarrez, Jack Morris, Oleg Cricket, the "Insta Models" like Alexis Ren, Nick Bateman, Jelena Marija and many, many more, just to name a few. Some of them became famous through social media and some of them just use it to promote and market themselves. By just looking at the content they are creating and sharing it is really hard to believe that they are normal people or that they have to deal with any kind of problems, right?


Problems? Not my Problem!

It really seems like that is their way of life. "Problems? Not with me!" But it is important to understand, that they are just doing a fucking great job in marketing themselves. At the end of the day, they are all real people with real problems. They all lay in bed when they are feeling sick, they all experienced or will experience losses, heartbreaks and downtimes. But of course, that's not what you see on Instagram or YouTube. And why? Because they are really good at what they are doing. They all represent something. Alexis Ren, for example, is the beautiful beach babe in perfection, cute, sexy and just the cute girl next door. Jay Alvarrez is the American Surfer / Beach Boy, the adrenalin junkie, the guy every teenie girl falls in love with. Nick Bateman is the perfect Fitness / Insta Model. They all are pretty much a different kind of brand, in a sort of different niche with a different target group and that's what they are selling on Instagram and all the other platforms. Just like a regular brand. So, in order to be attractive for cooperations with other brands and stuff, Instagram and co. is just not the place to show their struggles.. or is it?


Being Real Wins The Game!

During my research for this post i stumbled across an account on Instagram. That guys name is Truman Mylin. It is not a huge account and it seems like he is just really getting into the business. He is a photographer/videographer, working together with Gerard Adams and he recently uploaded a picture of Alexis Ren with a really honest and interesting caption I would like to share.


"Most people don't realize that models are real people and they experience all the ups and downs of life like we all do. After spending a couple days with Alexis and hearing her story, her struggles and her aspirations, I can honestly say that she's such a kind, intelligent and self-aware individual."


Hell yeah, that's true, that's honest and that's how it is. We all struggle. We all have flaws. Just because someone is always smiling on Instagram does not mean that she or he has a perfect life and in my opinion, if you are being real no matter if it is on Instagram or somewhere else you will always win. Being authentic, real and maybe showing your followers and the world some of your flaws and struggles could make you even more interesting and appealing for brands and the community. Cause, lets be honest, do we really wanna see just perfect pictures all the time? Girls in bikinis on the beach, guys with sixpacks traveling through Bali for the 100th time? Don't get me wrong, I love seeing that kind of content, but I would rather also here some backstories. I 'm following those people cause i find it inspiring what they are doing, seeing the world, doing amazing things but I would also love to know who they really are. What are they afraid of? Was it really that easy to come that far? What are their goals for the future? Especially in the crowd of influencers that already exist, I think authenticity and being real to your community is the key to success. Being honest and being authentic about who you are and what you’re representing or selling is one of the most important values you have as an influencer. If you lose your authenticity, you could lose your followers, you could lose your community.


Digital Storytelling

So for all the people and kids out there who are wondering or complaining about not having such a perfect life: Ask questions and don't take everything on the internet as what is it. Nobody's life is perfect. These people did not find the formula for a perfect life. It might be extreme adventures or an extraordinary life, but they all worked hard for what they achieved and they are sharing their most beautiful moments with you. Just a few days ago Jay Alvarrez shared pretty much the same thoughts I am writing about right now. He said on his Instagram, that at least 80% of the content you see on Instagram and co. is filtered and fake ... I would say even more. So don’t get sucked into it. Enjoy to be a part of their journey, but don't make the mistake and think that your life is boring or not worth as much as theirs. Cause at the end of the day, what really matters are friends and family with whom you can share your memories and experiences.

With this section, I am trying to give you more insights in the influencer and digital storytelling world. My ultimate goal would be to arrange interviews or some kind of talks with influencers from different niches and do not the typical main stream media interviews. Instead, I would rather love to gain insights about the more personal stuff, things that really matter. I am not quite sure how successful this is gonna be, but I will try my best. If you like this idea, leave a comment here or hit me up on Instagram about whom you would like to learn more about.

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