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What it Takes – Ina Bochian, Interview

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3. August 2018
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Ina: Remember the Name

This Story is about Ina. Ina Bochian from Romania who did what it takes to fulfill her dream. Her dream of making it. Her dream of becoming successful. See what I take to get there and read her story!


Hey Ina, thanks for your time and taking part in the interview. Can you tell a little bit about yourself?

I was born in the city of Bucharest, in Romania. After the fall of the Berlin Wall and when travelling to other counties became easier my parents moved to America. It took me 3 years to receive a visa and come here legally. Now I’m an actress, writer, artist and live in Chicago.


When exactly did you come to the US an how were your first years here?

It was hard, it was really not easy. For example, when I first moved to the US, the Romanian kids who had been here for a few years more than me, were bigger bullies than Americans. Most of those who lived here were from the northern part of Romania. They didn’t accept people from Bucharest. To them, the only way to success was flipping houses, getting into some sort of “business” and encouraging the girls to marry one of the guys in that sort of business. To me, this seemed like a death sentence. I followed my own path and focused on my education, like my parents encouraged me, but I was lonely.


Like you said in the beginning you are also a writer and currently writing a Book. What it is about and what’s the name of the book?

The book I am writing is about my childhood, about coming to America, and also about family, loss, and love. The name of the book is “INA: Remember the Name”


So, it is a little bit like a biography?

Yeah, sort of. It’s about certain chapters of my life. The good and the bad. It’s about my first time in the US. About how I always felt torn between the constant rejection of my own culture and also not fitting not quite fitting in with American culture. About love and also about how I got into the show business.


How did that actually happen? How did you get into the show business?

When I was at university I had been in a few movies as an extra, but nothing serious and only because I needed the money for books. On one of the movies, “Stranger Than Fiction,” I became friends with this craft services guy named Dave. One day I walked into a police station to pick up reports for my attorney and they were shooting a TV show there. This Dave guy turned out to be at the police station that day. So, when I was at the police station and ran into Dave from college I knew it was a sign from God that I need to work in film and write this story. That was pretty much the start. After that I started working on all the show being filmed in Chicago, including, Mind Games on abc, Crisis on NBC, Chicago Fire on NBC, Chicago PD on NBC, and eventually Empire on Fox.


You are also working on your own movie, right? What’s that about?

Yeah, while all the things in Chicago were happening, I started to collaborate with other writers and developed some screenplays about my own story, my own life. In the movie I am a dancer who turns to painting and Boxing after she gets violently raped and attacked and can’t dance anymore. Her only connection to dance are her paintings and also an old dance teacher she visits in a nursing home who had Alzheimer’s.


Why did you get involved for Hilarity for Charity?

I got involved with Hilarity for Charity because my favorite cousin’s husband’s dad had Alzheimer’s. They live in England and I wanted to visit, but I couldn’t because they were caretakers of her husband’s dad. When I found out, I did some research on Alzheimer’s and came across Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller’s Charity. At first I started donating. Then I started attending the events in LA. Finally, last year, I started hosting small fitness events of my own to raise money for this charity.


You recently also did an event for your birthday. What was that about?

The reason I did this event for my birthday is not only for the charity, but also because it helps me connect to the character in the movie and makes me think of all the things I have overcome. I hate my birthday and this year I can’t even see my boyfriend because of his job and so it will be a very sad and lonely one. While I finally found true love, a lot of things in my life are very difficult. My parents are both sick. Furthermore, my only living grandfather, the one who raised me on the farm, is dying. In the meantime I want to make the lives of other people better, learn how to box for my film and help raise money for the families of those who suffer form Alzheimer’s with this charity, Hilarity for Charity.


What are your goals for the future?

My goals for the future are 1) to live my life as everyday is my last and leave an imprint on the hearts of people I come in contact with on a daily basis 2) do the best I can to express my creativity in any circumstance with whatever resources I have available so that others can learn how to do the same thing and overcome whatever obstacles they might be facing 3) finish and publish this book in the next 2 years 4) complete an art collection and have a show in the next 2 years 5) find a team to collaborate with to be able to produce one of my films 6) give back to my family, community, and those around me as much as I can so that people can learn that life is about how much we love those around us and live a life of service 7) to have a great family and someone to pass on a legacy of love and kindness.

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