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Influencer Diaries with Anzhelika Mishagli – Surf, Skate, Snow

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Living up the Surf- and Skate Life

The new section "Influencer Diaries" tries to give you a sneak peek in the life of social media personalities. What does it mean to be an influencer? What does it feel like having strangers applauding or judging you? Why did these people start social media in the first place and what else are they doing? Meet the people behind the account. The first episode is about Anzhelika Mishagli from Odessa, Ukraine, in love with skating, surfing and just being on the board, but see for yourself!


Hey Anzhelika. Thanks for taking your time for the quick interview. Let's just start with the first question. Since when do you do your Instagram account already?

Yeah, sure! No problem. I started in 2012 (wow, how time fly's). At this time it was like a regular girl page with gym and beach pics. In this summer I started to be more serious about my account and my posts.


What are you currently doing? Are you still going to school or university?

I already finished university (I'm an engineer) about three years ago and I'm working for myself. I import clothes and shoes from the US to the Ukraine, but at the moment I'm also looking for something new in my life.


Since when do you surf and skate and how did you get into that lifestyle?

The first time I was trying to surf was like six years ago in the Ukraine. It was off season and the waves were really small. I think skating was in that period too, but it was classic skating. Now, I'm really into "surf-skating". My boyfriend showed me that type of lifestyle. He is one off a few people in the Ukraine who started to surf here.


Surfing, Skating or Snowboarding? What's your favorite?

My heart beats for snowboarding. This is my favorite thing, because I have more fun on it and it was so easy to me to ride on it.


Travel plans for the rest of the year?

I think in October we will be in Portugal in for the WSL and in December-January we will be in Sri Lanka.


Any goals for the rest of the year?

For the rest of this year I want to enjoy every moment of my life. I want to travel more, surf and find myself in some new things.


For more information about Anzhelika check out her Instagram!

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