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Local Hero – Soulgoodiez

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27. August 2017
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17. September 2017

Goodiez with Soul

There are tons of cool skate- and surfbrands out there, but sometimes you can find the coolest stuff just around the corner. Stuff that is unique, created by surfers / skaters and even has a soul. If you are into the surf- and skateworld do yourself a favor and check out Soulgoodiez.

Soulgoodiez is a small skate / surf brand from Belgium with a strong focus on being unique and designing things for the love of the surf- and skate-lifestyle and not for just making profit. All the stuff they are creating is handmade out of recycled material and with a "soul". They are using leather from old shoes, old belts, denim etc. and melt it into totally new and unique creations. Every product so already has a history and a soul and you can create it's future. Besides that, for every shipped product the company plants a tree. Damn, let's get that forest growing!

So as you can see, sometimes the coolest ideas, the brands with the most passion and also the best products are just around the corner. If you wanna learn more about Soulgoodiez check out there website or watch the video below.

Open your eyes and support your Local Hero!


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