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Mami Wata: The African Ripcurl or Quiksilver?

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Mami Wata

The newly founded surf brand "Mami Wata" tries nothing more than becoming Africas most important brand. The brand itself produces premium surf apparel, boards and all kind of equipment. The name of the company "Mami Wata" means "Mother Ocean or "Mama Water" and relates to the African water spirit. The founder of the firm created with "Mami Wata" a lifestyle brand for surfer inspired by the continent Africa and its deep connection to the ocean and nature. The HQ of the company is in Capetown and all products are developed, designed and manufactured in Africa.


Woza - The African Surf Film

To get the company on the radar of the worldwide surf community "Mami Wata" created a stunning image film. According to the official "Mami Wata" website the film was shot in over seven days in Durban (South Africa) and Ponto Do Ouro (Mozambique). The story is called quick, it is about a young African surfer who has been fascinated by surfing and the magic of the ocean. The surfer who has been featured in the film is the 22-year-old Avuyile Ndamase. What makes the film a masterpiece for itself, is the beautiful connection between dark and mystic pictures combined with the sounds of the band BCUC. It is not the typical sunny, California beach boy surf film and it is also not only about the biggest waves. It is way darker, rough and just more edgy. The spiritual component of surfing, the connection between men and nature is the main aspect here. In my opinion, it is exactly that what makes the film totally authentic and creates a perfect brand fit. More films like this should follow in the next weeks to set the path for becoming Africa's first big brand. But now check it out for yourself.


Surfculture in Africa

The amazing film "Woza" aside, i think it only makes sense to start a big surf and lifestyle company in Africa. Africa has one of the best waves on our planet and a great surf culture. If not in Africa, where else should you start a company which philosophy is pretty much based on the connection between nature or the ocean and the humans. So, to answer the question of my headline - Mami Wata: The African Ripcurl or Quiksilver? I would say no. In my opinion, they have a totally different potential, they have a different philosophy, a different brand approach and a different view on surfing itself. They do not need to copy any brand or their way of dealing with the surf business. I am sure they will find their own way. Like the CEO of "Mami Wata", Nick Dutton said in an interview:

"Africa's time is coming, if it's not already here. We want to be the world's first great African brand."

Nick Dutton

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