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Moto Aloha – Celebrating the beauty of Hawaii through motorcycling, surfing, skating and art

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"Stay Wild. Live Passionately. Rock On. Ohana Forever"

Minnesota made, California grown, Alaska native, based in Hawaii. That's Kelly Yazdi. Kelly is an actor, model, stunt woman and also the creator of the "Moto Aloha" festival and the "Wild Gypsy Tour". I talked with her about both projects. So check out her story and see what's coming next!


Hi Kelly. Just give us a little information about who you are and what defines you?

Aloha is my way of life and I’m obsessed with purpose, passion and connection. I have a serious love for my dogs, motorcycles, awesome folks, traveling and anything that gives me an adrenaline rush. I believe in working hard, being humble, living with joy, doing what you love, and giving zero fucks about anything/anyone that doesn’t light your soul on fire.

"I’ve always been in love with being in the saddle"


When and how did you get started riding?

Growing up on a ranch in rural Minnesota, I’ve always been in love with being in the saddle. Whether it was riding horses, bikes, dirt bikes, atvs, you name it. I always sought out adventure on things that could carry me faster than my two feet. So naturally, for my 18th birthday, I made it my priority to get my motorcycle license.


What is the Wild Gypsy Tour?

Wild Gypsy Tour (WGT) is an all women’s platform; a tribe of rebel playmakers - fueled by community and passion - focused on cultivating women’s exclusive events for the unbridled spirits. Originally the WGT was a women’s exclusive motorcycle festival that spearheaded the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally at the Legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip. The WGT has grown since it’s inaugural event back in 2017 and has branched into an entity that supports women pursuing their passions as well as the industries they work in. The goal of the Wild Gypsy Tour is to create a space for women, by women - with a central focus of supporting women’s initiatives in the industries of motorsports, automotive, industrial, entrepreneurship and design.


"Celebrating the beauty and culture of Hawaii through the avenues of live music, motorcycling, surfing, skating and art"


And what is Moto Aloha?

Moto Aloha started out as this wild idea I originally called “Aloha Way of Life”, a community-based organization I founded in 2018 when I first moved to Hawaii. This year I rebranded the entity into “Moto Aloha,” an alternative sports platform for life-enthusiasts and organizations who embody the aloha spirit to come together and do epic things. Moto Aloha is set to host an inaugural event this December 2019; a festival celebrating the beauty and culture of Hawaii through the avenues of live music, motorcycling, surfing, skating and art. This moto-centric festival will be filled with lovers of all types of creativity and backgrounds, as well as concentrated with organizations, brands and entities that aim to support the aloha spirit and preserve the Hawaiian culture.


What is goal behind both projects?

Moto Aloha and Wild Gypsy Tour both aim to support a new kind of collaborative community by serving as platforms for cultural fusion, bringing together passionate individuals and their respective industries in order to thrive within a fun and unified space..


For more information check out the Wild Gypsy Tour and Moto Aloha website or follow them on Instagram.

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    Pictures by Mark Holladay Lee

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