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On the Fence – Photostory with Olaiton Alabi

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Through the Eyes of Olaiton Alabi

Olaiton Alabi is a photographer / cinematographer from Lagos, Nigeria. He is focused on street photography. Always attempting to shade light on the human life.

See his work below!

Girl smiling in Lagos

Olaiton: My life and my work has been inspired by Arts, Images, Vlogs, Literature and Magazines.

BMX in Lagos
Boy sitting in the dark

Olaiton: My work has grown and flourished over a year without owning a DSLR camera. Just my Samsung and borrowed gear.

Kids sunset

Olaiton: Each photograph has been taken with an addicted and unwavering love for photography.

Boy exploring
Essence of life

Olaiton: For me, photography/cinematography is an art. The way I express what I visually see through the lens and capturing the missed moments. That's what's all about.


For more information about Olaiton check out his Social Accounts

  • Instagram Account
  • Portrait Account
  • YouTube Account
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