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The §123 Crew – Interview

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Interview with Luzifer Son

Here is now the second interview with a roofing crew from Germany. I talked to Luzifer Son a member of the group §123. The crew already made it into the main stream media for climbing up a 250m high chimney (video below). Check out the full interview and their incredible pictures and videos only on Sidestreet Hero.


Hey Luzi, thanks so much for taking some time for the interview. Just tell a little bit about yourself and what you are actually doing?

Yeah sure, no problem. My name is luziferson or luzi and I’m part of the roofing crew "§123". We are actually three guys. Grave Yard Kidz , Mattwhishes and myself. When we are going out exploring, climbing on rooftops etc. we are most of the time a group of three people and sometimes even more.


How did the whole roofing thing actually started?

It all started super random. It was a really spontaneous idea of a friend. He had the idea to climb into emergency exists of subways. They were open due to the graffiti sprayers. He found a website online that stated out where to go in and that’s how it all started with getting into or onto buildings. We just got really into it from then on.


How do you find all the locations or places where you wanna climb onto or get in?

Some of the things we are doing are also just happen by accident. It's like “Hey Guys wanna go out and explore or find something cool” and then we pretty much just keep our eyes open. The bigger things like (climbing on top of the chimney) and the things the media talked about were planned in advance. You need to prepare for it.


So is it hard to get into the buildings?

That actually totally depends. It depends on the building itself. How secure it is. Do they have security? What kind of building it is? So many factors actually. Especially if they are just building the building or if it's under construction it is really super easy to get in. It’s easier than you would expect.


Are you afraid that something will might happen?

To be totally honest, not really! None of us will do stuff that he is scared about or will do stunts that he is not capable of. Fear is not a bad thing. If you are really scared then you just don’t do it. That’s how easy it is!


Do you guys have any limits or something that you would just not do? For example what about the stuff Oleg Cricket is doing, like flips and sliding down rooftops etc.?

That's not something I would do. It's not about the height it's more about the body control. I could not control the flips like he is doing it and like i said earlier we are only doing stuff if we are 100% sure that we are capable of doing this.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Luzi ~ (@luzifer_son) am


You guys also made it into the mainstream media like What you think about what they are reporting about your actions?

Actually, I was kinda pissed! They stole our content. They used it without even mentioning us. Only the gave us credit. So yeah I don’t care if they report about us or our stunts but if they use our content they at least should give us credit for it.


Any special goals for 2018

Nah, not really. Pretty much everything will happen spontaneously I guess. We will keep our eyes open and if we see something cool on Insta or somewhere else we just do it.


If you wanna see more of their crazy pictures and videos check out their Instagram and YouTube.



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