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Photos Without Borders - About the roofing scene in Vienna and the passion for photography

Taking incredible pictures is not easy. You need a good eye, you need camera skills and for some kind of photography you also have to take risks. The next two interviews you will see here on Sidestreet Hero are about exact that kind of photography - about climbing on top of rooftops, cranes or chimneys to take the ultimate picture.

For the first interview I talked to Rene, one of the founders of the project "Photos Without Borders" about their kind of photography, the risk they are taking and the story behind the project. So check it out!


Hey Rene, can you just tell a little bit about yourself and what you are doing?

Yeah, sure! My name is Rene. I'm 23 years old and from Vienna, Austria. I started with photography actually just about one year ago. I bought my first DSLR one year ago and instantly fell in love.


But your pictures are kinda special. How did you get into the roofing scene and what is so fascinating about that kind of photography?

I guess it all started when I was texting with random people on Instagram who were climbing on the rooftops of buildings in Vienna. I was just really fascinated that there are people out there who see the city from a totally different perspective, totally different angle. A perspective not many people see. So, yeah, I wanted to see and explore that perspective, too. I love my city and just wanted to see it for myself. This was a huge motivation for me to do exactly that and to push my photography style in that kind of direction.

Besides that, the roofing scene is a really cool scene. People are really cool and they are supporting each other as good as possible. It is just a cool atmosphere.


So how big is your crew and where do you mostly go to take the pictures?

The scene in Vienna is not that big. I got introduced into the whole scene by "Fabolus Vienna" and after a while, i met pretty much all the other guys who are really into that kind of photography. I think we are about 10 to 15 people and when we are on tour, we are a group of four or five. Most of the time we are on tour in Vienna because all of us are from Vienna. Besides that, we also did trips to South Tirol and everything that is possible at the moment



Is Vienna a good city for roofing?

Vienna is missing some skyscrapers for sure. So, dear city of Vienna, if you read this please build some skyscrapers, haha. No just kidding. The skyscrapers are missing but in terms of getting onto the roofs or in the building it is actually not that hard. So, it's definitely doable to get onto the roofs if you really want.


Talking about security and getting into the building. How do you actually get in?

Most of the time, you will find good places to get in by accident. So, obviously some of the places and rooftops are already known and you already know how to get in. But for example, if they build a new building or if they are tearing buildings down, that's always a sign that there are ways to get in. So, yeah it is pretty much both, a bit of luck and experience.


When you are going up, are you afraid that something could happen or did something bad already happen to you guys?

Yeah, fear is there for sure, but it is not a bad thing. When we are going up, we are really focused. Everyone is focused on what they are doing. Everybody is taking care of themselves and one another. So, we are really careful. Untill now, nothing serious really happened. We got caught by security or the police a few times but most of the time they are kinda relaxed. I think we have a good relationship with the police and so far it all worked out well.


Let's talk a little bit about your project "Photos Without Borders". Whats that all about?

The basic idea behind all that is the fact that I want to give something back to the people in form of a donation. I talked with my crew and they were all really excited and loved the idea. So, now we are eight photographers, all from Vienna and doing the project "Photos Without Borders" together. For the project, we are all selling three pictures. Every picture is limited to only five copies. So they are really exclusive, that was really important for us. They are all signed and we are selling them for 20€ per picture and the whole amount will be donated afterward to Doctors Without Borders. So that's pretty much the basic idea behind our Christmas project.

Here also a big shoutout to Fabolus Vienna and Rafael Wien who did the website. But also to all the other guys a huge thank you!!


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Vienna (@caroklaroo) am


If anyone wants to support the guys or their project check out the website Photos Without Borders or follow the whole crew on Instagram.

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