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Behind the Scenes: How Skateboard Contracts are Negotiated

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Big Business Skateboarding

Skateboarding is business - Big business nowadays. The contest prize money is increasing, the sponsor deals are getting bigger and "mainstream" brands like Nike, Adidas and co. have been part of the game for a while. A lot of money is involved. These and many more factors make it obvious, that professional skateboarders do not handle their business just by themselves. They have managers who help them with the financial aspects of being a pro skateboarder like negotiating the contracts with sponsors, doing the paperwork and all that kind of stuff.

One of those managers is Ryan Clemens. He handles the contracts for Shane O’Neill, Diego Najera, Paul Rodriguez and many more. In the latest episode of the skateboard show The Nine Club, Clemens talks about contract negotiation in the skateboard industry.

So for all of you who are curious about the financial aspects of skating and who wants to take a look behind the scenes of the industry you should definitely listen.


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