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The Scotty Cranmer Story

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The Scotty Cranmer Story

When it comes to Action Sports, Sidestreet Hero is mostly about skating and surfing but it is also about lifestyle topics and incredible stories. The Scotty Cranmer story is one of those.

A lot of people on the internet or elsewhere are saying that they want to inspire other people with the stuff they are doing. Doing travel videos to inspire, jumping out of planes to inspire, diving with sharks to inspire. Sure, that can be inspiring but if you really wanna see something amazing then please read this post and watch the video below. I'll promise you it is more than worth it.


Who is Scotty?

Scotty Cranmer is a professional BMX rider and YouTuber from the United States. He won a total of 9 X-Games medals and that’s his story. Since I am really not that much into BMX riding I first stumbled over Scotty on YouTube at the end of 2015. Scotty's YouTube channel is pretty much about his and his crew's life. About BMX, about his passion for cars and just about having a great time with his friends. I think I started watching the first video when he only had like a few hundred subs. He only had like 5-6 videos up and even tho I am not really into BMX I really enjoyed watching the videos.

I had no idea if the tricks they are doing are huge or not and I had also no idea at that point that he was a professional rider. I just liked the vibe of the videos and of his whole crew. They were just doing what they love and the videos transported that feeling to the viewers pretty well. At this point, the Scotty Cranmer YouTube channel was for me just a regular channel. Nothing super special, but I really liked the content. After a while, I realized I am not the only one who really liked the channel. The subscribers went up and pretty soon he and his crew hit the 100k mark.


The Accident

Time went on and he still uploaded videos pretty much on a daily basis. He introduced different challenges and formats for his channel like obstacles courses, the wheel of fortune and many more. The subscriber count was still going crazy and he created a whole community with his channel. Then in October last year, Scotty had the worst crash of his life. He was in Las Vegas with his crew filming for Monster Energy and was riding at a spot when he oversaw a hole in the ground. His front wheel got stuck and he fell head over with pretty much full speed on his head/neck. The consequences of that accident were fatal. He knocked his teeth out, he broke two vertebrae and was instantly unconscious. He immediately got into a hospital in Vegas. A few days after the accident he unfortunately also ended up getting a brain hemorrhage. To lower the pressure in his head the doctors had to remove a part of his forehead.


When his condition was finally stable they flew him out to a rehabilitation center in New Jersey. From then on Scotty's fight back into a normal life began. He was not able to walk, to eat by himself and so far away from riding a bike again, ever. He pretty much had to start over from scratch, but what happened in the next ten months after his accident was just incredible. The spirit and positivity he always had to get back on his bike were amazing and also the community Scotty build up on YouTube with his channel was so unbelievably supportive. They supported him through money, gifts, letters and just incredibly supportive comment on his channel. For me, it is pretty much a perfect example of what social media or online communities are capable of. He and his crew built up that community and when Scotty needed the community the most they were there for him.


Back on his Bike

I’m sharing this because I think Scotty is the perfect example of whats possible in life if you have a dream. He almost lost his life. He lost his ability to walk and to ride a BMX but was always so determined to fight his way back. I would be stoked to get an in touch with him for an interview but for now, you should enjoy one of his latest videos. It is a 1 million subscriber special. In the video, you can see the whole story about his crash and how he handled it. It is an incredible story, full of passion, determination and love. Check it out!

Make sure to also check out his YouTube and Instagram channel. Thanks for reading and keep on riding, no matter if it's a Skateboard, Surfboard, BMX or whatever.


References: Pictures from the offical X-Games Website.

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