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10. November 2017
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27. November 2017

Not an ordinary Road Trip

School is over and for the first time in life you have the freedom to do what you want. But what do you want? A few people will travel to Australia or New Zealand, some might do au pairs around the world and most of them will probably start a job or go to the university. Seven guys from Luebeck, Germany had different plans. They decided to do a roadtrip, a special one.

When you are done with school you most likely want to do something cool, something exciting. Seven guys from Germany are doing exactly that right now. The decided to do an epic roadtrip and hit the Pan-American Highway. The Pan-American Highway is a network of roads measuring about 19.000 miles from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.


Every good story involves a School Bus

To make this trip even more special the guys bought an old school bus which they found online. After three weeks of altering and rebuilding the bus they managed to transform it into their mobile home for the trip. Now the bus has everything you need for a perfect road trip: Gas, electricity, a small kitchen and bunk beds for everyone. The Since the end of August 2017 they are now on the road travelling through America in their old school bus.They started their trip in Alaska and already reached California (Santa Barbara). Their goal is to travel the whole Pan-American Highway in roughly about eight months.

If you wanna see more or their adventures check out their Instagram under the alias SevenDownSouth

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