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Street League Chicago 2017 – Results and Recap

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Street League Chicago 2017

The last stop before the Street League Super Crown is over and here are the final results and a recap of the Chicago event.

On Sunday, August 13th, the SLS Nike SB World Tour had their last stop before the final Super Crown in September. The first US stop of this years season was in Chicago and the best of the best were there. At the end of the contest neither Nyjah, Shane or Luan could lift up the trophy. It was Dashawn Jordan who killed the event and won in Chicago. The Chicago stop was also the last chance for the pros to make it to the Super Crown. So let's check out what happened.


The Finals Lineup

At the end of the prelims the following eight guys qualified for the finals:

  • 1. Nyjah Huston
  • 2. Tommy Fynn
  • 3. Torey Pudwill
  • 4. Shane O’Neill
  • 5. Tiago Lemos
  • 6. Sean Malto
  • 7. Ishod Wair
  • 8. Dashawn Jordan

At a first glance the finals lineup looks different than what we are used to see in the finals. No Luan, no Cole and no Joslin. Wtf? But if you have watched the latest Street Leauge events, especially in Munich, the lineup was not that big of a surprise. Dashawn Jordan, a rookie on the tour, is skating super sick the whole series. Malto seems to be finally back after a few injuries and Tommy Fynn and Tiago Lemos are also on fire throughout the whole season. The only real surprise I actually see in the lineup was the missing of Yuto. What a bummer!


The Final & End Results

Overall, the course was quite different and the big section was not easy, but I really liked it. At the beginning of the finals Nyjah started out with two pretty solid runs and it looked like a typical Nyjah win. When the runs were over and the event went to the best trick section we saw a lot of bails and especially Nyjah was eating some shit. As you can see below:

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Nyjah Huston (@nyjah) am


Nyjah bailed a fakie flip two times in a row and also needed two tries for the switch frontside flip. Still, massive respect that he nailed the second try after that slam. Before the last attempt of all skaters, it was Dashawn Jordan who was in first place. He did a massive laserflip down the big hubba and also a 360 flip to 50-50 down it which catapulted him to the first spot. Only Shane, Nyjah, Tommy Fynn and Torey could steel Dashawn the win before the last attempt. Torey needed a 9.8 but "only" got a 9.2 for a massive backtail down the hubba. Shane and Tommy both bailed their tricks and Nyjah had to deal with cramps after his massive bail. He still tried to land a front 180 switch crooked but only locked into a front tailslide. So at the end, it was Dashawn Jordan who won an exciting Street League stop in Chicago and also qualified with that win for the Super Crown in Los Angeles. Damn Dashawn, Congrats!!


Here are the final results:

  • 1. Dashawn Jordan – 33.8
  • 2. Torey Pudwill – 33.3
  • 3. Shane O’Neill – 33.0
  • 4. Nyjah Huston – 32.7
  • 5. Tiago Lemos – 26.8
  • 6. Tommy Fynn – 24.3
  • 7. Ishod Wair – 18.8
  • 8. Sean Malto – 7.2

The next stop of the 2017 Street League will be the Super Crown in Los Angeles (September 15th). So stay tuned for the next post!

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