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Street League Munich 2017 – Results & Recap

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Street League in Munich 2017

The Street League 2017 stop in Munich is over and it is time for a recap. To sum it up, Street League in Munich was on fire!!!

On Saturday, June 24th, the Street League contest series had its second stop of the year in Munich, Germany. More than 25 skaters were there to compete against each other and take home the trophy. After a tough battle, it was again Nyjah Huston who was on top of the podium. So, seems like a regular Street Leauge event right? Nyjah on top and the rest behind. Hell no!!


Prelim Results and a surprising Finals Lineup

Before i will tell you who made it into the finals, i just want to clarify that pretty much all the top pros were there in Munich. Shane O'Neill, Luan Oliveira, Sean Malto, Chris Cole, Ryan Decenzo and so on. The only guys who were not competing on the weekend were PRod, Chaz Ortiz and Cody McEntire. PRod was in Germany, but not on the course on Saturday, Chaz stayed in Chicago and Cody still had some trouble with his elbow surgery. Besides that, the line-up was packed and all the dudes were on fire, but it was especially the young guns like Yuto Horigome and Dashwan Jordan who just killed it. Never heard of them? You will for sure! They both had super solid runs and just nailed the best trick section. On the other hand, it seemed like Luan and Shane had some trouble with the course. I guess, it was the first time ever that Shane bailed a 360 flip during a run and also the best trick section was not as solid as it used to be. It was close, but they didn't make the cut.

After two runs and five best tricks for every skater the following eight skaters made the cut into the finals::

  • 1. Dashwan Jordan
  • 2. Nyjah Huston
  • 3. Yuto Horigome
  • 4. Chris Joslin
  • 5. Miles Silvas
  • 6. Carlos Ribeiro
  • 7. Torey Pudwill
  • 8. Kelvin Hoefler


The Final & End Results

The Finals were crazy! Hoefler, Pudwill, Silvas and Ribeiro started the finals with impressive runs, but at the end, Nyjah Huston and Yuto Horigome were fighting for the win.

For a while it looked like Yuto could really take this one home. He nailed a Nollie 270 Switch Backtail (9.1 Points) and a Nollie Inward Heelflip (8.8 Points) over the kicker and was first until the second last attempt. At the end, Nyjah’s consistency and deep bag of tricks were just a bit too crazy. He killed the best trick section with a huge gap to Kickflip Backlip on the rail (9.3 Points) and re-conquered the list’s top place. After that, Yuto had still one more try, but bailed his last attempt and so Nyjah won the Street League event in Munich 2017.

Here are the final results:

  • 1. Nyjah Huston (36.1 Points)
  • 2. Yuto Horigome (35.5 Points)
  • 3. Carlos Ribeiro (34.2 Points)
  • 4. Chris Joslin (33.9 Points)
  • 5. Kelvin Hoefler (32.9 Points)
  • 6. Miles Silvas (32.1 Points)
  • 7. Dashwan Jordan (31.4 Points)
  • 8. Torey Pudwill (19.5 Points)


The Yuto Horigome Show

Even though Nyjah won the contest, the newcomer Yuto Horigome is my hero of the weekend. He did not win the trophy, but he definitely won the hearts of the crowd. At the beginning of the prelims, he seemed a bit nervous. His Nollie flips were a bit shaky and the massive crowd might have intimidated him quite a bit, but when the Finals went down, he was absolutely on point. His skating is sick, he has a huge amount of tricks on lock and is really consistent. Besides that, I guess his sort of shyness and the way he skated the course and challenged the big guys like Nyjah, Luan etc. made him so popular during the weekend. On his last trick attempt, the crowd was just popping and cheering "YUTO, YUTO, YUTO". Absolutely amazing and I am really happy for that kid. He will win a Street League event in the future, that's for sure!


Munich: A Skate-City

Besides the contest results and the Yuto show, I think one more thing is worth mentioning. Munich is a great City for a Skateboard event. Sure, skateboarding is business and a lot of money is in the game, but it seemed like all the pros and the crowd had a great time in Munich. The perfect example was Evan Smith on Saturday. Together with Yuto, he was my highlight of the whole day. He skated not for money, he skated for fun and for the crowd. He did the craziest tricks during the practice breaks and in between the runs. Damn, it was just fun to watch him and see him having a fucking blast doing what he loves. Talking about the crowd - Munich you were awesome. The stadium was not sold out it seemed but the arena was cooking for sure. Every trick was celebrated so hard and everyone seemed just really into skateboarding and having a great time. If you don't know what I am talking about, check Nyjah's post on Instagram.


I really hope Street League is coming back to Munich next year and who knows, maybe then Yuto will win the Super Crown in Germany.

The next stops of the 2017 Street League will be in Chicago (August 13th) and Los Angeles (September 15th). So stay tuned for the next post!

References: Pictures from the offical Street League Facebook Account.

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