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Volcom: Make your Passion your Paycheck

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7. June 2017
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#ThisFirst Make Your Passion Your Paycheck

Hey guys! What would you do for a living if money does not matter at all? If all that bullshit of getting a solid job, being successful in the corporate world would just not be real. Wouldn't you rather do something else than sitting in the office 9-5? Like performing sports, photography, music or whatever it is. Especially if you are not a super famous artist, a professional athlete etc. it is really hard to make your passion your paycheck. Volcom gives you the chance to do exactly THIS! They created a contest to let the Sidestreet-Heroes, the ones who are not in the focus of the media all day follow their passion and get paid for it. All you have to do is tell them what your THIS really is. What would you do rather than anything else in the world? They are giving 15 people around the world the opportunity to do exactly that.


How does it work?

All you have to do is to submit a photo or video with the following hashtags (#ThisFirst #Contest and a hashtag with your regional abbreviation) on Instagram, at an official Volcom post on Facebook or via the official entry form. You can submit the photos and videos to Volcom till June 21. If you win, Volcom will pay you for six weeks to turn your passion into a paycheck. I dont wanna miss that opportunity so i guess i will do that right now. Would be cool if you would leave a comment about your ideas and what you would do!

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