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Young & Reckless – The SpruceGooseBus Interview

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15. October 2017
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Meet CJ and Kayla

I guess everyone has dreams. No matter if it's becoming an astronaut, traveling the world or writing a book. But following these dreams and leaving the comfort zone is for sure the hard part. It is most of the time not easy, it is probably risky and I guess a lot of people say "don't do it". I am personally always inspired by people who just do or try to do what the really want. So let me introduce you to CJ and his girlfriend Kayla and their dream. The "young and broke" couple from Chattanooga. I talked with CJ about their project of living in a bus and being able to live wherever the wind they might take.


So CJ, just tell a little bit about yourself? Who you are and what you doing,

Me and my girlfriend Kayla, we are currently living outside of Chattanooga (Tennessee). I used to work in television. I was building sets etc. for music videos here in Nashville and stuff like that. I was also working at a slide park for a while doing the hangslider instruction thing. Me and Kayla we are both hang gliders. Doing this for about 5 years now, the 6th season.


And now you guys bought a school bus. What's the idea behind that?

Yeah, I always wanted to build and have a tiny house. But I realized that tiny houses don't move really well. They look super cool but it is not as practical to move and you need a really big vehicle to move it. On the other hand, a school bus is super cheap and also really easy to move. A friend of mine has a school bus, a short one and he is living in his and he really loves it. So yeah that's the idea behind it. To live in the bus and being able to easily move.


And why exactly a school bus?

School buses are really cheap and the costs were a big thing while getting the bus. I also lived in an RV for the past years and I don't really like RV's. They are made out of plastic etc. and school buses are simple, they are made out of real thick metal and it is just really solid.


Your plan is to live in the bus right? So how far is the whole process, when did you actually get it and how expensive was it so far?

Yeah exactly. We actually bought it about four months ago. The sealing is already in but the electric is still missing the appliances and all that stuff. The bus was only about 2.800$ but the whole other stuff is expensive. It is not so easy to find used and good materials we can use for the bus. So we already invested a couple thousand just for the interior and it is still not finished


Lastly, when do you think you are actually done building the bus and what are the next steps, the goal ?

I hope we are done with all the building, all the electrics and everything next year in February. Then the plan is to move to Albuquerque (New Mexico) and get my hot air balloon license and maybe opening up a hot air balloon ride business there. That would be a business where we could move around in our bus and I could still work as a hot air balloon instructor. There is also film and television work in Albuquerque. So that would be an option as well.


Just the beginning

I had this interview with CJ at the beginning of October 2017. CJ's and Kayla's project so pretty much just started so it is really cool to see how their dream is evolving. If you wanna see more about the whole project check out their Instagram. I personally wish them the best of luck and I am excited how the final result will turn out. I bet it's gonna look amazing. I will stay in touch with them and give you guys an update about how the project is doing. So stay tuned!

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